Attributes of God – What Can We Know About Our God?(Intro)

Who is the God of the Christian faith. Is the God of the Bible an unknown quantity? Is it true that God is so mighty and holy that He is also distant and unknowable?

Are you a non Christian? Are you an honest skeptic? Do you say “I don’t believe in God because we can’t know Him.” ? Follow along as we look into the things that we do know about God.

Why are we given God’s attributes? Why does Scripture speak of these different attributes? Think how big God is. We are unable to grasp all of God’s character at once. We then learn about God by looking ay Him from different perspectives over a period of time.

Let me caution the reader – never set these varying perspectives in opposition to ne another. They are to be used to look at the totality of God’s character.

We will look at all the Bible passages that describe God in 21 categories.

  1. God is one – God is a unity
  2. God is eternal
  3. God is good
  4. God is holy
  5. God is just
  6. God is merciful
  7. God is omnipresent
  8. God is patient
  9. God is self existent
  10. God is unchangeable
  11. God shows loving kindness
  12. God is compassionate
  13. God is faithful
  14. God is gracious
  15. God is impartial
  16. God is love
  17. God is omnipotent
  18. God is righteous
  19. Gos is truthful
  20. God is sovereign
  21. God is omniscient

One Response to “Attributes of God – What Can We Know About Our God?(Intro)”

  1. shamslayer Says:

    I’m so thankful that I belong to that wonderful God!!

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